Feedback over the years.


I cannot ever fully express my thanks to you for all your help with our daughter, who you saw as a gem.
— Parent

Thank you so much for the generous phone time. I truly appreciate your professional and personal insights and suggestions understanding my son’s math struggles.
— Parent

I would like to thank for meeting with our daughter’s teachers and us. It has been a huge relief to finally understand what’s going on with her. Your presence was added security since all of this is overwhelming.
— Parent

You told me that it is “okay” to read slower as long as I pay attention to all the letters in a word.
— Young Student

Dr. Gumina assessed our son as he was starting his junior year in a San Francisco private school. We were very impressed with the way in which she explained his strengths and weaknesses, and why certain subjects were problematic for him. In addition, she explained those results with the school’s counselor who is working closely with his teachers.
— Parents

Now I can remember my lunch money! You taught me how my memory works.
— Young Client

You are such a treasure! Your expertise is inspiring and enlightening.
— Colleague

Through your work with me I now understand how to “read” standardized test questions in a way that enables me to be efficient with the time constraints.
— Medical Student